We found Gary to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient and able to do what we needed at the time. He knew what he was doing and he stayed with us every step along the way. His experience and knowledge allowed him to help us prepare and present our business plan in such a manner that it received favorable response and ultimately a successful outcome. I would gladly recommend Gary’s services to anyone looking for help preparing a business plan for preparation to banks, government, or any other source of financing.
— Andy Buyting, Carle Publishing Inc.
Working with Gary has been an overwhelming positive experience. His great attitude combined with his skills and experience were an asset to the start up of my business. Gary properly prepared me for the steps I needed to take, and worked closely with me every step of the way. Gary is talented and very generous with his business insight. I recommend him and his services.
— Bruce LeGrow, President, Insurmountable Sounds Inc.



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